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Create a fully collaborative ecosystem using

OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM)!

Efficiency gains come from connecting the dots. In the context of the digitally enabled software-driven world, the goal is to connect all the disparate elements of the ecosystem to create a productive, collaborative and customer – focused environment. OpsHub empowers enterprises to instantly move closer to achieving this goal. With its enterprise-class integration solution, OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM), enterprises can create a highly collaborative ecosystem by unifying disparate tools and best of breed systems. The exchange of information happens in near to real time, with complete context, and without any manually-induced errors and delays.

OIM provides:

  • Integration with 50+ systems in the ALM and DevOps ecosystem
  • Faster decision making
  • Enhanced cross-team visibility
  • Ensures optimal use of human capital and expertise
  • Brings rich collaboration among cross-functional teams
  • Boosts productivity and accelerates delivery
  • Helps improve product quality, and decreases omissions and duplications
  • Enables faster reporting and accurate, automated traceability
  • Provides full context of data at each control point

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