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Winning Together: Business & Technology Partnership

Winning Together: Business & Technology Partnership

 ’SwiftSync, powered by OpsHub’, is an integral part of our product portfolio. OpsHub’s technology brings value by connecting existing systems and making them work exactly as they should. Our customers see value in the out-of-the-box enterprise class integrations, and our sales cycles move much faster.”
—  Ram Subramanian, Co-Founder & Vice President Sales, Digité, Inc.

Digité solutions helps corporate IT departments and large IT service providers drive global initiatives and manage globally distributed teams. OpsHub makes this task easier by adding a superior integration layer to Digité solutions, which enables seamless systemic collaboration in the customer’s ecosystem.

Digité Challenge: Enable collaboration in customers’ heterogeneous ecosystem

Corporate IT departments and ISVs use multiple, disparate systems for different tasks, and these systems need to work together to be effective.

In the case of IT Service Providers, their clients use disparate systems. The deployments of these systems vary in methodology and configuration. The Service Providers still have to deliver on two challenging goals:

  • Make their own delivery systems work seamlessly with their clients’ systems
  • Unify reporting from all these disparate systems into a single, comprehensive dashboard
  • The Digité – OpsHub Solution: A cutting-edge integration layer on Digité’s flagship solutions

    Digité, through its solutions, enables organizations to effectively leverage a global delivery model for IT and software projects. Seamless integration of Digité’s solutions with the organization’s existing ecosystem is a must to successfully drive this activity.

    Before Digité’s partnership with OpsHub, Digité’s Services Organization had to create each integration separately. Ram says “Custom integrations with as many as 15 systems consumed 30- 40% of the implementation effort. The integration we created were not scalable, and we were constantly challenged between implementation schedules and integration flexibility.”

    “By using OpsHub’s integration technology in the SwiftSync solution, we can now provide robust and proven integrations within a fraction of the earlier efforts.” he added.

    The Digité – OpsHub Partnership: A mutually-benefitting, compatible business model

    OpsHub’s superior technology allows Digité’s customers to enable enhanced coordination and maximum collaboration without replacing the existing systems.
    “Proven integrations are simply table stakes in selling to corporate IT. OpsHub helps us meet a critical business requirement for us to sell into this market,” Ram continues.

    OpsHub has complemented Digité in key areas:

  • Technology Stack: A highly scalable architecture capable of managing multiple projects on a single dashboard
  • No Change to Operations: Coordination across systems and synchronization of historical data without forcing any change to clients’ IT operations
  • Compatible Business Models: OpsHub’s partner-focused model and credibility eliminates channel conflict and speeds sales
  • Mahesh Singh, Co-founder, Sr. VP, Head of Marketing of Digité, says “OpsHub is very customer-centric and partner-focused company. They are phenomenal people to work with and their focus on customer obsession is in sync with Digité’s approach to customer service. OpsHub’s coverage of over 50 tool integrations gives us an excellent solution delivery capability for our customers in the areas of Lean/ Agile ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), Help Desk/ CRM and DevOps.”

    “With the entire world leaving standalone systems in favor of integrated systems, OpsHub will play an increasingly vital role in Digité’s success,” Mahesh concludes.