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HP ALM – ALM Octane migration using OpsHub Integration Manager

How to migrate from HP ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) to ALM Octane

With evolving technological landscape in the application delivery world, organizations have started moving towards tools that enable agility, rapid delivery, cloud hosting, and phenomenal customer experience. Customers planning to move from HP ALM to ALM Octane also have similar reasons.

ALM Octane provides next-generation features for agile enterprises. The inherent capability in ALM Octane to scale easily helps organizations create a robust and scalable Agile and DevOps ecosystem. The integrated and open management framework for all core lifecycle artefacts further enables enterprises to deliver superior products, faster.

HP ALM to ALM Octane Migration

HP has built ALM Octane on an entirely new platform with different database schemas and using different methodologies and this fundamental difference between these two systems has brought in challenges for users planning to move from HP ALM to ALM Octane. The biggest challenge that a user faces while moving from HP ALM to ALM Octane is to maintain complete audit traceability of data. However, with compliance regulations in most industries becoming stringent, losing historical data is no more affordable. Therefore, solutions that migrate only current data from HP ALM to ALM Octane no more suffice the needs of most organizations. Other requirements such as: need for a hard cutover, migration of huge volume of data & user profiles, or keeping both systems in synchronization for as long as needed make it difficult for organizations to choose a solution that doesn’t have comprehensive synchronization abilities.

Why choose OpsHub Integration Manager for HP ALM to ALM Octane migration

With OpsHub Integration Manager, teams can: migrate all entities and releases as well as all other data with complete history and audit trail from HP ALM to ALM Octane.

Choosing OpsHub Integration Manager over other migration solutions has the following advantages:

  • OpsHub Integration Manager facilitates clean and complete migration of entire data with complete context (history, links, and attachments) to ALM Octane.
  • Users have the flexibility to continue using HP ALM and ALM Octane as long as the teams need both the systems and discontinue using HP ALM when needed.
  • The migration between both systems is completed without any system downtime or manual intervention.

Simple migration/synchronization process

OpsHub Integration Manager helps integrate HP ALM and ALM Octane as well as migrate data from HP ALM to ALM Octane. If users want to simply migrate from HP ALM to ALM Octane with all data and then immediately remove HP ALM from the ecosystem, OpsHub Integration Manager facilitates an easy transition with all history and details. If due to some business constraints, users can’t cut off HP ALM immediately, OpsHub Integration Manager enables a bi-directional integration between the systems as well. Both the integration as well as migration between HP ALM and ALM Octane are easily configurable and are hassle-free in the long run.

Watch the HP ALM – ALM Octane migration Video Here.

OpsHub Integration Manager also facilitates the integration of ALM Octane with multiple other tools making it easier for organizations to create a highly productive and collaborative scalable agile ecosystem.

More about OpsHub Integration Manager

OpsHub Integration Manager integrates 50+ ALM, ITSM, CRM, and DevOps systems and ensures that and current data available to each user, in that user’s preferred system, with full context, in real-time. The cross-functional transparency and collaboration that OpsHub Integration Manager brings to the ecosystem helps enterprises fasten and improve their decision-making process. OpsHub Integration Manager also helps in hassle-free migration of data within multiple ALM, ITSM, CRM, and DevOps systems with complete history.

To learn more about HP ALM to ALM Octane migration or request a live demonstration, fill the form here.

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Author bio:

Prakash Tiwary is the Director of Products at OpsHub. He has been with OpsHub since its inception and has greatly contributed in the development of OpsHub Integration Manager and OpsHub Visual Studio Migration Utility. He is currently responsible for the development and adoption of OpsHub solutions and managing product development, pre-sales, customer support, and professional services.