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Accelerate Time to Market by Enhancing Cross-Team Collaboration in Real-Time

OpsHub & Cadence Design Systems Upcoming Webinar

Accelerate Time to Market by Enhancing Cross-Team Collaboration in Real-Time

Date: June 15, 2022, 11 AM CET

Duration: 45 Minutes


Nili Segal

Product Engineering Architect

Cadence Design Systems


Purvesh Maharaja

Global Sales Manager

OpsHub, Inc.

In the highly competitive chip design business, the winner is the company that has faster time to market. As SoC design becomes more complex, teams struggle to share information across tools to accelerate design and verification and compress overall cycle time. Siloed information across verification, requirements, and testing tools often leads to delays, wasted effort, and communication errors creating hurdles for timely tapeout and faster time to value.

By establishing full traceability and collaboration between verification requirements, verification test cases and outcomes, teams can proactively manage requirements compliance with real-time data

Join our subject matter experts in this webinar to understand how connecting vManager data bidirectionally with other tools in real-time helps :

Improve collaboration, accuracy and transparency among semiconductor enterprise teams


Enhance coverage and functional accuracy with historical and real-time information with context

Better Compliance

Verification engineers make informed decisions with real-time updates and visibility into evolving requirements


Avoid compliance and quality issues, expensive mistakes and delivery delays

cycle times

Accelerate time
to tape
out and SoC

We will also demonstrate how integrating vManager with the requirement management tool IBM DOORS can help your organization.