OpsHub connects teams in Development, Test/QA, Operations, and Business through both one-time migrations and continuous real-time synchronizations. OpsHub serves enterprises of all sizes across industries, directly and with solutions partners.

Use Cases

OpsHub synchronizes data and rich context in multi-system integrated environments and for one-time migrations.

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Vertical Industries

OpsHub and its partners deliver best-in-class solutions to clients in Financial Services, Technology, and other industries.

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Connected Teams

OpsHub connects Development to other key teams while enabling each team to use systems of choice for specific tasks.

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Agility at Scale

One-time migrations. OpsHub Integration Manager can complete one-time transfers of work items from one system to another, including history, relationships, traceability, comments, and attachments.

Integrations: The OpsHub Integration Manager provides real-time continuous synchronization between two or more systems in heterogeneous development environments. OIM supports both unidirectional and bidirectional synchronization.

Advantages. OpsHub’s multi-point architecture allows team members to use the best tool for each task without losing the benefits of real-time collaboration.

Outcomes. OpsHub enables cost-effective and comprehensive migrations with zero system downtime. In integration deployments, OpsHub Integration Manager improves communication, collaboration, and decision-making — resulting in better products at lower cost with faster development cycles.