OpsHub Migration Solutions

With new innovative tools being released in the marketplace which can significantly improve productivity and/or help create differentiated products and services, there is a need for users to migrate from one tool to another. Other business reasons that necessitate the need for migration are:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions,
  • Regulatory and Compliance adherence,
  • Tools consolidation within the organization, or
  • Reorganization within a large enterprise

Enterprises spend millions of dollars to migrate data and despite this investment, migration exercise is rarely successful. Poor migration will lead to loss in productivity and sub-optimal decisions in future due to loss in data fidelity. It also leads to:

  • Significant system downtime leading to idle expensive resources
  • Increased time to value
  • Cost and time overruns in the project

However, migration solutions from OpsHub offer high-fidelity migration without any hassle at a reasonable cost.

With our migration solutions, enterprise experience:

Hassle-free Migrations

For migration within Microsoft ecosystem (TFS to TFS migration, TFS to VSTS migration, VSTS to TFS migration, and VSTS to VSTS migration), use our comprehensive and cost-effective migration utility. OpsHub Visual Studio Migration Utility (OVSMU), which is available in commercial as well as free edition.

For migration from legacy systems to new, high productive and collaborative agile systems, use our flagship solution, OpsHub Integration Manager facilitates hassle-free data migrations between 50+ ALM, DevOps, ITSM, CRM tools. Commonly requested migrations are:

  • HP ALM to ALM Octane, and

Migration Case Studies

It is important to understand that data migration is not simply about achieving one business goal, it has a larger impact on the overall health of the ecosystem. Successful data migration ensures that the enterprise always works with accurate data that supports the needs of the business, mitigates the risk of delays, bad quality products, and budget overruns.

Read how two of our customers, Henry Ford Health System and Intergraph, utilized our migration solutions to successfully migrate data in their ecosystems.

Jared Watson, Senior Manager, Quality Assurance and Services Support, Intergraph

“By working with OpsHub to migrate our quality and test management activities to TFS we saved a significant amount in license fees, and we expect to benefit even more in productivity by having one environment for all our business processes. Now that we have consolidated the entire organization onto TFS for quality and testing, we are able to collaborate better and work more efficiently with teams from other divisions.”

Suresh Ramadurai, Director, IT Business Systems Solutions, Henry Ford Health System

“By working with OpsHub to move our PeopleSoft testing to Visual Studio we save about $80,000 per year in licensing and consulting costs.”